My Foolish Halo – Demo CS


My Foolish Halo – Demo CS (1993?, self-released):  90’s punk is weird.  There are certain things that, to me, will always be a part of punk to varying degrees – an amateurishness in musical ability, an urgency, a palpable compulsion to create something you want to hear.  All of these things are present in MY FOOLISH HALO on this demo, but its applied in an odd way that I find really compelling.  This tape has four songs that are almost a meld of 90’s pop punk, grunge, and garage rock with vocals that remind me a bit of Greg Sage of THE WIPERS.  There’s some acoustic guitar underneath the electric sometimes, often painfully earnest vocals and dynamics, and the guitarist seems to be the one who’s practiced the most which leads to straight up ripping solos over a semi-sloppy rhythm section.  That last part isn’t a problem, just something that stands out.

In fact, it would be inaccurate to say any of it is a problem.  This tape has such a do-what-you-want, honest feel that, despite some odd choices, I really like it.  It’s intense, driving, varied, and has some excellent moments.  Every song on here is memorable.  “Mr. ID” and “Puke” are packed with legitimate emotion and intensity.  Some of these songs would get a little polish and appear on this band’s 7″ on HARMLESS RECORDS in 1994.  This tape may not be perfect, but who wants that?

Expect plenty more cool old stuff like this from the collection of the mighty SCOTT HARMLESS of, you guessed it, the aforementioned HARMLESS RECORDS.



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4 Responses to My Foolish Halo – Demo CS

  1. Tyler says:


  2. Robert Brant says:

    Thanks friend! I played guitar on this but bass on the 7″ times..Scott Harmless eventually played drums

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