V. Reverse – Demo CS


V. Reverse – Demo CS (self-released, 1995):  I really like V. REVERSE.  Their 10″ is one of my favorite records from this time period in Chicago.  They’re a band that has always seemed to defy any kind of easy categorization which makes it hard for me to gush about them to people in person.  It’s kind of angular.  It’s definitely aggressive and propulsive, but has weird timing stuff.  It’s very catchy and memorable, but decidedly not pop punk.  The lyrics are pointed, angry, and not at all goofy in the way a lot of punk was around this time.  V. REVERSE seem like they take themselves seriously.  They’re not here to play around and certainly not make friends with everyone.

The most concrete thing I can say is that V. REVERSE came from bands like 8 BARK and I.D. UNDER and members would go on to bands like MY LAI, FOURTH ROTOR, 97-SHIKI, and the current (and excellent) DRILLING FOR BLASTING.  If you’re familiar with some of these criminally underrated bands, you’ve got an idea what a treat you’re in for when you play these two songs.  These were later released on a V. REVERSE collection CD that you can probably find somewhere.  But, that came at the end.  For now, witness the beginning.


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