Apocalypse Hoboken – Punish The Innocent CS


Apocalypse Hoboken – Punish The Innocent CS (Full On, 1992):  A lot of people are familiar with APOCALYPSE HOBOKEN.  They were a totally unique, legitimately weird band.  This relatively early tape, which pre-dates Todd Pot taking over vocal duties, is a little different than how the band would come to sound.

The five tracks on Punish The Innocent cover a lot of ground stylistically, sprinkled with everything from heavy breaks to NOMEANSNO style noodling to mid-paced grungey stuff.  Most of it remains pretty mid-paced and vocalist Lyle’s voice reminds me of a mix between NO EMPATHY and really early OFFSPRING material.  It fits really well, but isn’t as wild and unpredictable as the vocals Todd would bring to the band later.  While it might not be what you think of when you hear APOCALYPSE HOBOKEN, this tape is a worthwhile listen in its own right, as well as being an interesting piece in the progression of an already interesting band.


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2 Responses to Apocalypse Hoboken – Punish The Innocent CS

  1. This is so awesome. Thank you for all these amazing posts of rare Chicago stuff. Keep it up!

  2. Marcel says:

    Brilliant flashback in chicago punk history!I like the stuff you post maybe you have Oblivion or Slapstick demos too?!Its good you post mainly stuff not online elsewhere!
    Greetings from Germany good job you do here!

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