From Ashes Rise – Demo CS


From Ashes Rise – Demo CS (self-released, 1997):  FROM ASHES RISE is one of the earlier crusty/metallic hardcore bands I heard after getting into stuff like TRAGEDY.  The tight, d-beat influenced bulldozing hardcore their known for apparently took a little while to coalesce though, because this demo is much different than the sound the band would later hone.

The demo has four tracks that are definitely heavy, but the similarities to the VICTIMS split, for instance, end there.  This tape serves up songs that have straight up blast beats at times, loud-quiet HIS HERO IS GONE style dynamics, and even some classic 90’s chugging. There are even a couple pinch harmonics.  On the whole, it’s more influenced by straight up death metal and the harsher end of the early screamo spectrum than d-beat or crust.

All that said, the songs are pretty solid!  Their harsh, intense, and have some very memorable parts.  The artwork is also really cool.  Whether you’re interested in seeing a band progress or just listening to some quality 90’s metal/hardcore, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


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