Mary Tyler Morphine – Demo CS


Mary Tyler Morphine – Demo CS (self-released):  MARY TYLER MORPHINE is a band I’ve been familiar with since I was a youth, but I never dug into them.  I’d hear a song here or there on compilation CDs or on a label’s website and I always thought it was alright, but when I listened to this tape it was clear I’ve been missing out.

MARY TYLER MORPHINE play pretty mid-paced, intense punk.  The four songs here are really catchy with totally radio-ready choruses, but with a really palpable sense of anger in every song.  The two vocalists play off of each other well and, despite the sort of weirdly out of place crust vocals on the chorus of the last track, are the focal point for me.  They steer the songs with melodies over the relatively simple riffs in a way that makes them distinct and memorable.  These songs mostly appeared later on other releases, but this is well worth hearing for its energy and rawness even if you’re familiar with the other versions.


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