Digger – Demo CS

jcard 1

Digger – Demo CS (self-released):  I never really got into DIGGER growing up.  They were just a band that I’d hear a song or two by here or there on comps and stuff and I dug it, but I never looked into it for some reason.

This tape changed my tune.  Apparently, the band sent this tape to Scott Harmless at some point and I’m glad they did.  These are songs that would mostly go on to be re-recorded, maybe all of them did at some point (see the above part about me not knowing a lot about DIGGER).  The ones I’ve heard though have paled in comparison to the versions on this tape.  These sound like I imagine the band sounded live – energetic, exciting, and driving.  The songs are instantly memorable and are packed with hooks.  The lyrics are perfect at riding the line between tongue-in-cheek juvenility and intelligence which is an area in which a lot of similar bands fail.  The guitar tones are also just great.

Unfortunately, one channel of the tape is a little wonky towards the beginning.  I tried to level it out a bit, but only so much can be done.  Either way, it doesn’t take much away from how great this tape is for super-fans and newcomers alike.


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