The Humdingers – See Ya Later Aviator 10″


The Humdingers – See Ya Later Aviator 10″ (Bizzarro, 1998):  I love 10″s.  I don’t really know why, but they’re a format I’ve always been drawn to for some reason.  This is a good one.  You may remember THE HUMDINGERS from this post.  A couple years after their 7″, this 10″ saw the light of day.

This record is as close as the band would ever come to a full length and it’s as long as a lot of punk LPs out there.  Ten songs, most of which are two minutes long or more, of solid pop punk reminiscent of SCREECHING WEASEL, later VINDICTIVES, and LOOKOUT! staples.  Just sloppy and off-key enough to be charming without being distracting.  Given a little more time to play with, this record ended up more eclectic than the earlier stuff, but despite the regrettable acoustic song in the middle it’s a solid record and well worth your time if you dig the style.


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