Xillian – No Way CS


Xillian – No Way CS (self-released, 1990): This is pure, unadulterated, ripping thrash metal from Chicago.  I’ve never heard this band’s name and can’t find anything about them on the Internet, but Scott Harmless somehow magically produced this unsung slam-inducer from his tape collection.

This is pretty straight-forward, youthful, thrash not unlike earlier OVERKILL, ANTHRAX, or EXODUS kind of stuff.  Recorded in esteemed Glendale Heights, IL, No Way features legitimate ragers like Bad Attitude (ARTICLES OF FAITH rip-off or coincidence?  You decide), slightly progressive tendencies like Slip of the Mind, and straight up bonehead thrashers like I Gotta Piss.

Seriously though, these five songs are good.  The recordings are fuller and less thin sounding than a lot of thrash from the time and the songs are good enough to hold up against the heavy hitters of the genre.  Thrash metal fans rejoice – you’ve got something new, though familiar, to scope out.



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