Aftermath – Words That Echo Fear CS


Aftermath – Words That Echo Fear CS (self-released, 1989):  Another one for the serious thrashers.  And, again, AFTERMATH is from Chicago just like XILLIAN.  This jammer was even recorded in Hoffman Estates, IL by Phil Bonnet.

What you get here is four tracks of rampaging thrash metal with a significant amount of technical prowess.  Luckily, it’s put to good use and things don’t get too crazy or progressive for moshing around your room.  It sort of reminds me of VOIVOD, but there’s more to it than that.  It’s sometimes anthemic, sometimes punishingly fast, and sometimes subdued.  It’s tight and complex while somehow simultaneously feeling legitimately almost off the rails at points.

A cursory look at the Internet reveals that AFTERMATH had a relatively long career and eventually saw a serious genre slide into “electro-metal.”  Instead of investigating that lead any further, I’m just going to keep listening to this tape.  I recommend you give it a shot too.


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