Zap – Demo Version 0.69 CS

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Zap – Demo Version 0.69 CS (self-released, 2014):  Sorry for the lengthy silence.  I went to Japan, then got back, then got really busy with work and this stuff sort of got pushed aside.  Unfortunate, sure, but everyone’s got priorities ya know?  Anyhow, this jammer has been officially bumped up in that regard as I’ve got loads of tapes, new and old, to get up here.

The first of said tapes is this version of the excellent ZAP demo.  ZAP hailed from Northwest Indiana and shared some members with the also great PUBLIC ASSAULT.  This is jerky, burst-fire hardcore punk that’s unreasonably catchy.  It’s well played, but just sloppy enough to retain the urgency.  If you’re familiar with the band’s first tape on NOT NORMAL TAPES, this is the same songs, but the recording pre-dates the other tape.  This is evident in the slightly more unhinged recording and the lack of lyrics in the first song.  As a bonus, you get a weirdo electronic coda on this version to cleanse the palate before you start this thing over again.  Whether you know their other material or not, this is a great five minutes of punk.

Oh yeah, this thing’s so short that I just made it one track.  You’ll thank me later.


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