Radii – Garbage Platoon CS


Radii – Garbage Platoon CS (self-released, 1997):  The first time I heard RADII was on the More Than Music 10″ compilation.  Their track on there was a lengthy quiet introduction followed by a minute or so of pure chaos.  This cassette sees the band at a more focused point.  There are still occasional weird quiet parts, but what you mostly get is truly heavy, punishing powerviolence/grind mixed with wild proto-screamo madness and shouted, venomous vocals.

RADII sounds, to me, like a distinctly Chicago band.  It’s fast and out-of-control, but played really well and incorporates a ton of different influences that make it completely unique.  This has elements of punk, metal, hardcore, grind, jazz, ambient music, and a lengthy sample of a fight to close everything out.  I think the breadth of influence is a marked advantage and it’s something that a lot of Chicago bands from this time period seemed to strive for as well.

It’s unsettling and a little tough to get a handle on at times, but it’s well worth digging into.  The longest track is just over a minute, so give it a few listens and let the genius of this band sink in.


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