Sex – Tape CS


Sex – Tape CS (self-released, 2012):  This one was in the “to rip” stack, but has been bumped to the top of the queue at the request of PYGMY DEATH’s very own RALPH RIVERA.  I’m unsure whether to be grateful or angry for that fact because it had been too long since I’d given this tape a proper listen and now I can’t stop.

I received this tape when DEAD UNCLES were on tour in 2012 and found it slipped under a door in my apartment.  I knew that it was a new band drummer Shannon and seasoned roadie Dave has started, but didn’t know much else.  Without expectation, I popped it in the ol’ tape deck and quickly found my jaw inextricably linked to the floor.  This is a band that just plays punk.  It has the urgency and stomp of hardcore, it has the weird experimentation of the genre’s progenitors, and maintains the catchiness and memorability of the best of the classics.  The drums are rudimentary, but fitting underneath a guitar that weaves deceptively weird structures under the guise of simplicity and dissonance.  The vocals are barked and slurred in a way that might make you miss the thoughtful prose of the lyrics.  Oh yeah, and the tape starts with maybe the most suitable sound clip of all time.

Seriously, these songs are really good and I don’t think they’re online anywhere, though it is next to impossible to look up on Google.  SEX was supposed to do more, but didn’t.  So here we have the sole representation of one of my favorite punk bands featuring some of my favorite people I’ve met through all this nonsense.  Dig in.


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