1,000 AD – Annodomini CS


1,000 AD – Annodomini CS (2001, self-released):  It’s been a really busy week or two, but I wanted to get this jammer up here real quick.  The Chicago ease into Fall has begun, which means it got cold over the span of two days, and that means it’s time for dark music.  My heavy diet of SAMHAIN, THE CRAMPS, and all manner of black and death metal has begun.  1,000 AD’s tape is a fitting addition to this Fall’s rotation, though it’s not the type of stuff I’m super well versed in.

1,000 AD featured members that would go on to GROWING and played a very riff heavy version of droning, punishing, bass-laden and drum-free music that EARTH more or less perfected.  These five songs range from 3 minute bombardments to 9+ minute stretches, but each of them manages to be distinct and memorable.  Then again, how could you not remember being plowed over by a steamroller?  The sensation is, I imagine, quite similar.

Enjoy some dark, enveloping Fall tunes from Olympia, WA.


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