Larry Brrrds – s/t 7″


Larry Brrrds – s/t 7″ (Rhetoric, 199?):   This is exactly what I hope for when I buy a 90’s pop punk 7″ going in blind which is exactly how I got this record.  I think I’d heard the name because they did a split with LYNYRD’S INNARDS and thought they might have been from Chicago.  Turns out LARRY BRRRDS hailed from Dayton, OH, so it wasn’t too far off.

Luckily, this EP rules.  It’s pop punk in the mid-90’s tradition, but it draws from all over that genre’s map while still remaining really cohesive.  It’s snotty, it’s fast, it’s complex, and it’s got two vocalists, but it never seems overwhelming or over-packed with ideas.  A lot of it actually reminds me of mid-period LYNYRD’S INNARDS mixed with some RADON and a dash of DIGGER or other earlier HOPELESS RECORDS bands.  A huge plus is that the lyrics, while at times a bit earnest, are thoughtful and, at their best, a little touching.  I’m at a point where my bar for pop punk lyrics has been worn down to the setting of “not sexist,” so it’s a good feeling when 90’s pop punk lyrics go above and beyond that bare minimum.  Seriously, this record is worth your time despite the dumb cover art.


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