Streetcleaner – Demo CS


Streetcleaner – Demo CS (self-released, 1997):  STREETCLEANER present you with a swirling, mosh-worthy metal attack right off the bat.  There are six tracks and they rarely provide a break in the action.  Equally influenced by hardcore, the burgeoning metalcore scene, death metal, and grindcore, it makes a lot of sense that members would tighten up their game and move on to bands like MY LAI.

The recording isn’t perfect, the songs could be tighter, and the frenetic, all-over-the-place nature of this demo might throw you off at first, but these songs are really good.  STREETCLEANER is one of Forest Park, IL’s finest exports and is well worth your attention if you dig the great late 90’s/early 00’s Chicago grind/metallic hardcore scene.


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2 Responses to Streetcleaner – Demo CS

  1. Skateordie says:

    I didn’t think anyone had one of these any more. We recorded this in bens basement in maywood on a borrowed 4 track.

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