Half Gorilla – Summer ’08 3″ CD-R


Half Gorilla – Summer ’08 3″ CD-R:  I’ve been having some tape deck difficulties, hence the slow trickle of posts recently.  While I’ve been working that out, I remembered that CD’s existed and, astonishingly, I still have a lot of them.  A large number of those are demos and a very small number of them are 3″ CDs, one of the dumbest formats of all time.  If there’s one thing I love, it’s dumb formats, and this is no exception.

This particular 3″ CD contains some truly underrated grindcore/death metal from Milwaukee courtesy of the mighty HALF GORILLA.  Fresh off their rapid fire release of a 7″ of their own and a couple splits, these 5 tracks are a band fully in control of their powers.  In the case of HALF GORILLA, those powers include the ability to completely bulldoze anything in their path with total economy of strength and energy.  These songs are all under two minutes, but are structured brilliantly and brimming with memorable riffs.  You can feel the members eclectic influences and creativity meld into something totally cohesive and focused.

Two new jammers (for the time anyway), two splendidly re-recorded tracks from their demo, and one INFEST cover.  Not sure what more you want, but that’s all I’ve got to give for now.  Dig in and spend five minutes right for once.


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