Deliver Me – Demo CS


Deliver Me – Demo CS (self-released):   This entry comes from friend of the show Simon of CRACKED VESSEL fame.  His old band EDGE-UCATE did a split 7″ with DELIVER ME and I’m really glad they did.

Blistering teenage hardcore punk with plenty of grind and powerviolence influences thrown in, DELIVER ME are a significant cut above a lot bands playing this style.  The material on this tape is legitimately furious sounding.  The fast parts are super tight, the slow parts are deliberate in their intensity, and the drumming is unreasonably good for how young this band was.  The lyrics are political and pissed in a way that is endearingly earnest and mostly still pretty relevant to the world today which is a testament to punk tropes and also a disappointing reality about the world.  Don’t worry, there are the requisite movie samples too – this had to be time-stamped somehow.

Regardless, prepare yourself for seven tracks of unadulterated thrashing from the best in the biz.  Check out the vocalist’s newest endeavor FEVER NEST – you’ll be glad you did.


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