Terminal Youth – 2006 Demo Tape


Terminal Youth – 2006 Demo Tape: I don’t remember what possessed me to pick this tape up.  I think it was a meager price tag of 2 or 3 bucks postage paid combined with having heard the name somewhere.  Either way, I did get this tape in 2006 and was blown away when I played it.  This type of ferocity, speed, and precision without being even a little metal was an incredible feat to me.  This tape is fast, and I mean FAST, hardcore that is still firmly rooted in punk.  The vocals, screamed instead of shouted mostly, are unlike a lot of hardcore bands, but still fit the bill perfectly.  Most of all these songs are memorable, catchy even (see the chorus of “Dilemma” if you want proof).  They’re a tough band to make direct comparisons for, but they’d fit well on a bill with DEAD RADICAL.

After some searching, I found that this band had a few 7” and split releases before this demo.  Solid stuff, especially the Line of Defense 7”, but, in my humble opinion, this demo marks a turning point in the band’s sound – a point at which they mastered their craft.  Their LP that would follow this demo, and share some songs with it, is the group’s finest material, both musically and lyrically.   I urge you to seek it out.  But first, listen to this demo.


– Jim

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